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After 25 years as a stylist working in other salons, I was blessed to be able to start my own salon in Virginia Beach in 1997.  The challenges were many, of course, but the blessings have far outnumbered the challenges.  One of my priorities is to select the very best stylists, nail techs, skin care specialists and receptionists in the business who work as a team here at Marshall’s, take good care of our clients, and offer the best “total image” services and products available.

It is my goal, and the goal of my staff, to make each client’s visit to our salon a wonderful, peaceful, calming experience, and that they are extremely satisfied with the services they receive and products they purchase.  We treat our clients with respect and try to give them the best salon experience every time they visit Marshall’s.

I have known Mildred for over 20 years as both a hairdresser and a friend. Mildred is one of the most caring and giving individuals 1 have ever met. As a business owner and a stylist, she is 100% dedicated to the client’s experience and satisfaction. She is detail oriented and a team player, Mildred is always the first one there to help anyone in need. She listens, encourages and gives anything that she can to help others. It is truly a blessing to have Mildred as apart of my life.