Debra has been in the cosmetology business for 40 years.

While she has experienced the full-range of cosmetology, what she enjoys most is doing perms, colors and haircuts.

What gives her the greatest pleasure is when a client leaves her chair overjoyed with the results she has produced.

Her favorite product is any of the Keune products because they deliver what they promise.

“I am writing this letter to thank and praise Debra for the
professional and outstanding job she has done on my hair. I have
often told Debra that having her fix my hair once or twice a week
is such a joy and the highlight of my week. The special care and
treatment Debra shows me lets me know she really and truly cares
about me and she makes me feel special. I can tell this is the way
she makes her other clients feel as well. She always listens to my
concerns and desires and takes such pains to make me feel pretty. I
appreciate her more than words can express as she is a true pro.”